Jordi Ruiz MasoJordi is a bilingual (English and Spanish) Director of Photography based in Los Angeles. Before moving to LA, he lived and studied in Barcelona, where he gained his BA in Film and a MFA in Cinematography. After working in the film industry, he moved to Los Angeles where he finished with High Honors a Program in Film focusing on Cinematography. Jordi continues his career as a Director of Photography, developing feature films, music videos and commercials. Likewise, he is an active member of the Spanish Society of Cinematographers (AEC). Jordi is also privileged to be part of the Catalan Cinema Academy (ACC) and the American Society of Camera Operators (SOC). In addition, he works as a Cinematographer at New York Film Academy (Los Angeles) where he teaches lighting, photography and camera.

Jordi is part of IATSE Local 600 as a Director of Photography.


Email: jordi@jordiruizmaso.com

Cell phone: U.S. + 1 (626) 417 54 64

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